CAL State Long Beach

Here are a few of my favorite academic essays I wrote while attending CSULB

Academic Writing Samples

Film Adaptation Essay


Capturing Trauma in "Walls"

This is an adaptive and creative paper where I take Tod Goldberg’s short story “Walls” and describe how I would adapt it to become a feature film. 

Conference Style Research Paper


The Mask of Masculinity: The Canterbury Tales

This is a conference-style research paper written for an upper-division Chaucer course. This paper analyzes the role masculinity in medieval literature and was considered for publication.

English Studies Term Paper


Defining Identity and Expectation in “I Stand Here Ironing”

This is an essay written by me for an Approaches to English Studies course that I took this Fall. The essay offers an in-depth analysis of a short story written by Tillie Olsen, paying close attention to structure and narrative voice.

Existentialism Term Paper


Fear and Anxiety as Indication of Being in Being and Time

This is an analytical essay written for an upper-division philosophy course. This paper is a thorough analysis of the concept of anxiety in Martin Heidegger’s “Being and Time”. This text demonstrates my ability to think critically and comprehensively work through dense and difficult material.

20th Century American Literature Term Paper


Layers of Reality: The Use of Fantasy in Lolita

This paper examines the use of fantasy and emphasis on aestheticism layered throughout Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. 

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